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Rob Rodriguez, MA, LMFT, LADC

Co-Founder, CEO, Clinical Director

Roberto Rodriguez, MA, LMFT, LADC is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a licensed alcohol and drug counselor with extensive experience in the treatment of addiction and other mental health and behavioral health disorders. He has worked in treatment facilities focusing on trauma responsive care for adult and young men. The latest chapter in his career has allowed him to work at Family Recovery Resource Experts and to focus on his passion: helping families overcome the traumatic and painful experiences brought about by addiction and other mental health disorders to the entire family. His approach is systemic and solution focused. He has helped develop Intensive Family Workshops to help entire families heal and become more effective in relating to each other and to the individual affected by the illness. Having personally experienced the ravages of addiction, he can communicate and connect with individuals of all walks of life.

Rob is currently engaged in the collaborative founding of The Family Hub, a non-profit entity destined to provide services for families who struggle with access to quality behavioral health services. He is also engaged as a Certified Trainer and Consultant with The Center for Gender Justice in La Jolla, CA, where he helps adult and young men overcome difficult pasts and incarceration, allowing them to re-integrate into society more effectively. He has trained clinicians, helpers and correctional staff locally, nationally and in the United Kingdom. Rob is co-author of Exploring Trauma/Building Resilience, along with Dr. Stephanie Covington, the only evidence-based trauma curriculum for men, published by Hazelden. His latest project is again collaborating with Dr. Covington on A Young Man’s Guide to Self-Mastery, a trauma responsive curriculum for boys to be published in the Spring of 2020.

I believe that we are called to serve. My passion is helping families overcome difficulties, heal and grow in effectiveness.