What We Do

Removing barriers and improving access to quality care through

partnerships with providers and communities,

The Family Hub provides trauma-responsive behavioral health services

(clinical, educational and supportive) to individuals and families, regardless of resources. 



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Education & Outreach



Providing trauma-responsive behavioral health care to underserved individuals and families at little or no

financial cost

Making clinical services and

other resources available to individuals and families who

may have significant personal

or environmental barriers to accessing and utilizing

the help they need

Providing outreach and education for individuals, families and communities that are struggling to effectively address behavioral health issues

Offering ongoing training and supervision for clinicians and clinical interns who work with underserved populations

Partnering with health care providers, governmental agencies and funding sources

to cultivate and sustain joint efforts toward addressing behavioral health issues

Working with community stakeholders to eliminate or

reduce barriers that prevent individuals and families from accessing necessary services


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