Who We Are

The Family Hub was a concept in the making for quite some time. The work we have done over the last decade with families led us here, to collaboratively launch a nonprofit entity destined to provide services for underserved families who struggle with access to quality behavioral health services. 

As an organization, we believe many helping professionals and government entities

charged with helping families are stuck in a reactive way of addressing pressing issues.

Consequently, we are in constant “war” with one problem or another, often taking myopic,

simple steps to resolve complicated issues. 

We should be addressing issues that impact society as a whole, not by debating or creating new methods to “treat” symptoms, but by concentrating our efforts where most of our issues originate,

in our families. We believe that if we concentrate on helping families effectively navigate

and resolve their difficulties, we can help create a more wholesome and thriving society

—and ultimately stop chasing “epidemics”. 


Our Mission and Vision

Mission: To provide quality, accessible behavioral health services for underserved individuals and families, regardless of resources

Vision: Safer, healthier and more resilient families and communities


Core Values

The Family Hub’s values reflect who we are and what we stand for as an organization.



We adhere to the highest standards of integrity by practicing accountability, collaboration and responsibility.


We are moved to respond to suffering while practicing generosity of spirit, respect for differences and cultural sensitivity.


We are servants. Our relationships are characterized by mutuality, responsiveness and commitment.

Radical Innovation

We strategically challenge the status quo with initiative, imagination and inventiveness.

Social Responsibility

We initiate and cultivate sustainable, positive impact on the community through cultural awareness, inclusiveness and enlightened corporate citizenship.

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Definition of Family

A family consists of people, whether living together or apart, related by blood, marriage, adoption, or the commitment to care for or about one another.